We Are Frank And Jill | Let’s Talk About Your Bucket List – Some Inspirations
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Let’s Talk About Your Bucket List – Some Inspirations

Bucket List

Let’s Talk About Your Bucket List – Some Inspirations

First things first, we would like to ask you:

Do you have your own bucket list?

There will certainly be the day in your life where it will flash before your eyes as if you’re watching the best movie ever. You will probably see pictures with your family, your loved ones, your friends and all the brave things you’ve done! (Have you?) You might even see the things you wish you had experienced.

Unfortunately, there are the majority of people who don’t care too much about their own movie and simply want to “arrive” safely at their own grave on the graveyard.

In most cases they are passive and “being treated” by their lives.

We want you to become aware of your life and the endless possibilities it holds for you. Think about it for a moment.

  • What would the child you once have been think about you when it sees you now as an adult?
  • How do you see your life yourself today?
  • What were your dreams and visions as a child? Do you remember these?
  • If yes, do these dreams align with your life today?
  • If you would have known this will be your life, would you have been seriously excited about it?
To be completely honest with you, when we replied to these questions ourselves the first time, we were shaking!
We wish for you that this movie is worth watching and you enjoy EVERY single second of it! It’s so worth it!

What do you have to lose? Or even better: What do you have to gain?

Start thinking about the next 5 or 10 or even 20 years and how do you want to fill that time. Be as creative as you can be with your time! Go crazy and be excited! Buy into your vision!

We invite you to think about writing your own bucket list if you don’t already have one! Expand it as you go, but at least start with 50 things you want to accomplish!

To help you kickstart your list, Frank committed himself to publish his own bucket list so you can get some inspiration from his list. Some things are just small things, some are crazy dreams 🙂 We do hope you enjoy reading and get inspired!

Let’s jump right in (order is chaotic, but you will get the idea)…

  1. Take my parents to their favorite island
  2. Weight over 70 kilos
  3. Visit an old friend of mine on Gozo again
  4. Visit Himalaya area
  5. Learn diving
  6. Read at least 10 books per year
  7. Getting a warmer jacket for winter seasons
  8. Go the “Jacobs pilgrim path”
  9. Do a deeper meditation course in India
  10. Be the best father I can be of at least 2 beautiful healthy kids
  11. See Las Vegas (at least once)
  12. Getting a new shaver
  13. Grow my own fruits, herbs and veggies in my garden
  14. Play better piano
  15. Swim with free dolphins
  16. Meet my future wife and fall in love again
  17. Visit the Alps again
  18. Visit a close friend of mine in China
  19. Visit India and get to know their culture
  20. Help at least 2.500 people to change their lives for the better
  21. Play tennis again
  22. Play basketball again
  23. Being nominated for a Grammy with one of my artists
  24. Having an open big kitchen
  25. Re-learn skiing again
  26. See my family more often and spend quality time with them
  27. Help my brother to get his health back
  28. Visit Tomorrowland and see one of my artists perform
  29. Invite my future girl friend to dinner but not telling her where and drive to Paris blindfolded
  30. Learn paragliding
  31. Learn Spanish
  32. See FC Bayern Munich play against another big team
  33. Find the inner core of myself
  34. Learn conscious engineering
  35. Discover other great leaders and learn from them
  36. See New York City
  37. See huge waves at the beach but nobody being in danger
  38. Re-learn french again
  39. See my parents happy, fulfilled and smiling every time I see them
  40. Find and connect with friends for life I trust
  41. See my kids grow up with love, peace and abundance
  42. Teach my kids what I know about life and live the example
  43. Plant a tree in my garden and watch it grow
  44. Having the best relationship to the parents of my future wife
  45. Fulfill the dream of my father: let him drive through the Alps with a great oldtimer
  46. Scout more talents in epic music production
  47. Be the best inspiring leader I can possibly be
  48. Visit Jamaica
  49. Visit Cuba
  50. Experience ayahuasca
  51. Visit the Grand Canyon
  52. See the sun set and rise in one night
  53. Go on safari in Africa
  54. Coaching more people to live healthy, eat healthy and watch them grow being incredibly successful
  55. Finding more ways to serve more people and help
  56. Experience “Zorbing” in a bubble
  57. Play paintball
  58. Visit Moskau
  59. Send a message in bottle from a tropical island
  60. Eat real pizza in Napoli
  61. Go inside a cave behind a waterfall
  62. Talk to 10 girls on 1 day
  63. Produce a track with Jay Kubassek together
  64. Sleep under the stars
  65. Drive a Porsche for a weekend and see how that feels, then I decide if I want one 🙂
  66. Visit Hawaii
  67. Learn more about healing yourself
  68. Pet an elephant in nature
  69. Get my six pack back
  70. Sit at a campfire on the beach with my love enjoying the moment
  71. Kidnap my love to a candle light dinner
  72. Get a leather jacket for myself
  73. Order olive oil directly from the owner of the plantation
  74. Go into a cab and shout “follow that car!”
  75. Visit Spain and hike the “El Caminito Del Rey”
  76. Visit Thailand
  77. Visit the Maledives
  78. Get a pug and call him “Axwell”
  79. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  80. Invent something crazy
  81. Do a presentation on stage at a convention
  82. Write a book about my journey
  83. Visit the “Wall of China”
  84. See Lanzarote
  85. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  86. Get a professional mixer for my juicing
  87. Get a professional food dryer
  88. Visit a close friend in South Africa
  89. Marry my love in a beautiful wedding celebration
  90. Forgive more people who wronged me
  91. Become a DEA Black member for life
  92. Doing an interview with one of my mentors
  93. Intensify my healing capabilities with my hands
  94. Learn to time travel in meditation
  95. Being interviewed by a famous magazine about my book
  96. Drive through Italy
  97. See the Greek Islands, especially Santorin
  98. Visit the Bahamas
  99. See the Niagara Falls
  100. Visit A-Fest
  101. Host my own webcast or webinar to help others
  102. Meet more people from other continents and connect with them
  103. Learn speed reading
  104. Travel the world
  105. Leave Hamburg and move to a warmer place I need to define further, haven’t found that yet
  106. To be continued…

For now, that should get you started. Enjoy creating your own and make sure your life is worth watching!

Please feel free to share your thoughts or even your list in the comments section. We can’t wait to see what your ideas are about. We are sure we will pick something up and add it to our list as well!

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  • Cat Payen
    Posted at 12:12h, 20 March Reply

    This is such a good article Frank thanks for sharing your bucket list!
    Whilst I was going through it I realised how blessed I am to have managed quite a few of these already – fear not I am a lot older so you have time 😉
    Keep on ticking them off

    • FrankSieben
      Posted at 01:49h, 21 March Reply

      Thank you for this beautiful comment, inspiring. I have started ticking off some already, but I will also add more again 🙂 Spread the love, Frank

  • Bushra Afreen
    Posted at 20:06h, 03 April Reply

    I wish my future boyfriend has same bucket list on No.29 as yours.. haha
    That’s an ideal one. well, I will surely enlist my bucket list for yuu… there’s some I am living, will surely share them with you soon.. your’s is really an inspiring one.. thanks Frankie.. yuu are one gem of a person I have known in recent days. take care and keep inspiring

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