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My Childhood And Upbringing

My name is Jill Humphreys, born and brought up on the West Coast of Wales in the Uk, had a delightful childhood by the Coast with two very different parents who had me late in their lives, and two very supportive enterprising grandparents who I was lucky enough to live with, as we shared one very large townhouse.

My schooling was at our local primary and Secondary schools respectfully. My youth was spent enjoying the freedom this small town gave us as everyone knew everyone, so we all had people watching out for us. I left home in 1978 a married woman of twenty-one, by 1984 I was a divorced 26-year-old sampling what was to be a life transition. Moved to North Wales, then to London in 1987, where I would discover a completely different world I didn’t know existed.

A Turning Point In My Life And The Bigger Picture

My partner died suddenly in 1999 at the age of 49, I returned home to Wales, from London, and resided with my elderly Mother, three years later my son was born three weeks before my 45th birthday. I became a full-time carer for my mother till her passing in 2012. The path to this point I had never had any experience of, but the I believe that each dark place we go through makes us the people we are today.

My life has spanned out in so many directions, too much to go into here, but along the way I will share them with you as our story unfolds, as I believe shared stories make us understand our own life and the lessons we learn from them so much more. We then see the “what” “how and “why” we did what we did.

My career has been spent in England, Wales and Spain, mostly in Sales, Recruitment, Health, Fitness, Healing, Nutrition, Coaching, Awareness, Mindfulness, Psychic and all things people orientated. My passion has always been to learn what makes people do what they do, and how I can help them see the bigger picture, and understand themselves better.

What Is Happening Right Now

Right now I am actively Coaching and helping many couples seek understanding and better communication in their relationships. Assist people to find their true authentic self, work through any blocks and limiting beliefs.

I am beyond grateful that this journey has brought me such incredible people into my life, and to have co-founded and formulated this Podcast with my business associate Frank Sieben.

I decided that this year was to be my year of change, where many things would now come into existence, that I would be a channel for all the help and support I can bring to others, through deeper understanding and guidance of how we can all feel more joy and happiness, to be complete and content with who we are to live a more integrated life. This next phase it’s my intent to reach so many, as I have a mission to help millions live their abundant life.

My continual life student mentality has brought so many breakthroughs for myself and for all that grace my space. The more I show up to life, the more I see what needs to be done to create a better way of living. For me, finding my Why and true purpose, so makes it easier to help others.

My Why is to help others recognize they can have a powerful breakthrough so that they can live a secure incredible life they love.

This came through, from what values mean the most to me. I purchased a Journal in 2015 on the 7th December. In this, I set about writing the changes I wanted to make for myself and my son, mainly a better quality of life, more family time, more holidays. The biggest thing I wanted, was to meet another individual who had the same values as I had, to come together so that we could create a safe zone, to help others find their true selves.

As the Universe is always listening 24/7 and finds a way to match your vibration, miles away in an apartment in downtown Hamburg in Germany, Frank joined the SFM/DEA Education Platform, I was already a member of for the last 3 years.

Eventually, at a Momentum Day Event held in London in January 2016, we met. From there we masterminded and shared ideas on a regular basis. From day one we resonated with each other and recognized, we felt the overwhelming need to help others.

One day I said to Frank, let’s share this love with the world and help get a connection where it’s needed. Hence the Higher Power Podcast was born. Each week we come together with things that we share personally, subjects we come across daily. We found each other to create the future we so want to see. That is to empower others to be bold, brave, courageous and step into their power. To discover how being aligned with your true purpose brings happiness, fulfillment, and joy. From this, I also approached Frank to be a stand for our community members as there was I felt, a gap to connect on a deeper member to member level. From this, the Get Up Call was founded. We are now into our 33rd Episode and it goes from strength to strength each week. We also amalgamated our businesses and became We are Frank and Jill. The power of two is now the vibration of Three, with heightened shared energies ever creating a force for others.

When fears are shared and broken down from patterns, limiting beliefs and transported emotions that hold us back from living our true purpose, we can discover many ways of bringing our true gifts and talents to this world. My darkest moments were my true gift, it wasn’t till now, years later, I understand why this happened. It was to prepare me for what life I was to enter into. The life of holding space for another. My true purpose and reward in life are to be a voice for those too scared to speak, for fear of repercussions, and failure, and to give them the gift of allowing them to be heard and recognized for their true self-worth and contribution.


My Childhood And Upbringing

Hi there, my name is Frank Sieben. I was born in Hamburg and then raised in a small village in the western part of Germany called Süchteln (many of my friends can’t even say that :). I basically had a nearly carefree life – besides getting heavily bullied in school. I enjoyed doing all kinds of sports, playing and producing music in my studio and being in nature with my friends. This safety cushion expired when I graduated.

I didn’t have a real plan what to do besides making music. My whole life has been about making music. Out of nowhere, I decided to apply for a job as a salesman at a huge insurance company because I love to be in touch with people. However, I quickly understood that I won’t be growing old in the corporate world. I had to learn that being successful as a salesman in that company was not in alignment with my core values. That was a huge turnoff for me as decisions in this agency where I was employed were made on short term gain.


Actually, I was spending more time doing music then working in my office. Then it happened: One day I had a strange dream. I dreamed I am going to my office and I take a chain saw out of my car and saw my office desk into pieces. Trust me, I am a very peaceful person so no need to worry here at all, but the consequence of that dream was that I listened to my subconscious and finally quit my corporate job.

I felt free again. I was working in my music studio all day and all night, spending easily over 70 hours a week just being in my space of music creation. To cut a long story short after more than 10 to 15 years of working as hard as you can possibly imagine every day and being fooled and used by tons of people who just took advantage of my skills and my will to help, I decided that this has to stop forever! I’ve been a ghost producer for many great artists and I heard my whole body screaming: “No more hiding, Frank!” Invoices were piling up, my own invoices I sent to labels rarely were getting paid. I felt like running through that well-known tunnel, but I could not see the light at the end. I had no idea how to move forward, I just felt I need to adjust my direction. Maybe you even can relate to a situation like this in your own life in a similar way.

I decided to make a radical cut in my life. I grounded myself and rebalanced my life. I was actually forced to do that thanks to a severe crisis and breakdown that resulted in a severe hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear. Little did I know that this would be the greatest gift and blessing in disguise until now. You can read about this story on our blog page here. As I have been following “Infinite Waters”, an inspiring Youtube Channel created and run with the greatest care by Ralph Smart, I picked up this statement: “Change your thoughts and behaviour and you will change your life.” I wondered if that would be my light at the end of the tunnel.

All I was asking for was to hear better again, spend time with my family and with myself. I re-focussed on what I love doing: I love to help people, empower and inspire them, whether with music or with what I do.

As I still believe in the good to date, I kept searching for an educational training, something completely different than I have ever done: I kept looking for something to build a solid foundation to grow on, new adventures.


I really enjoy traveling. The funny part is, I even have more ideas for my music simply because I have a free mind – ease of mind is highly inspirational to me to create. I also love to read books (re-discovered to be life-time student again) about life hacks, business, leadership, mindfulness, awareness and spiritual wisdom. I consider this time far better spent than being in front of a TV. Actually, I do believe they call it TV-program because you’re programmed by the TV station and I certainly don’t want that for myself. Instead, I am interested in documentations about our planet, health and healing, insights about famous entrepreneurs and obviously, tasteful music. Now that I have more time freedom, I can even make better use of my time and meditate to ground myself and connect with nature each and every day.

One of my most favourite movies is „The Secret“ by Rhonda Byrne as it has introduced me to a new kingdom. It was such an eye opener for me. I became familiar with these given techniques and quickly began seeing the results and benefits for my life. I wanted to change my action and my thoughts to send these positive and loving signals out to the universe. It is absolutely amazing how fast and in which great way the universe responds to what you send out. As Joe Vitale says it “The universe loves speed.” If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would definitely recommend watching it, it’s an awesome experience and might even change your life as well.


Right now I am actively assisting and coaching beautiful individuals within our business community so that they discover their true self and step back into their own true and authentic power in many ways. It’s amazing to see how quickly people change for the better when they de-construct and overwrite hidden blockers and self-limiting beliefs. I am truly beyond grateful that my journey has introduced so many loving and giving souls to me – Jill Humphreys, my beloved soul sister and co-founder of our businesses We Are Frank And Jill and the Higher Power Podcast, being one of them.

I believe that it’s never too late to change your life to be truly fulfilled and it’s only up to you to decide what’s possible for you. You simply get to choose. Every day. I believe that you can heal, guide, assist, inspire and empower people who are in search of their real “me” through deep understanding why words are spoken, thoughts have been thought and beliefs have been formed. That’s when we get to witness transformational shifts in other people’s lives.

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